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Dahlias: night and day

Bow Street Flowers

It's another Flowers in the House.  For once I've a bounty of cuttings from my 'garden':  actually it's more of a crop.  I like crops.  There's no design involved and the focus is on plant health and ultimately, the flowers, or the vegetables.  And did I ever get flowers this year.

I took photos during the afternoon after I'd gathered as many stems as my pitcher would hold.  These dahlias are going to the shop on Monday.  

I went crazy with pinks when I ordered dahlias last spring.  I KNEW that in the fall I relied on peach and orange for weddings and I've been buying a lot of those colors at the Flower Market.  Next year I'll plant more of these:

Except I don't remember what they're called.  If they're Swan Island dahlias, their name will be stamped on the tuber.  When I dig them up for storage I'll make a note.  This is a late bloomer - rather, I planted them late and it's a little slower than the others.  I'll order more peach, some burgundy and some light orange.  I think I have enough pink, but who knows what will happen when I look through the new catalog.

Then I took photos by lamp light.

I like the shadows and the wash of yellow, but I'm not sure the dahlias look better.

Same with this photo.  The dahlias actually look darker, but the light warms up the walls.

And here are a few photos from last week.

It's a little biyt hard to see this piece.  I've cropped the minister out and I took it from the middle of the church, so it's lacking the detail. It was a Funeral Service for a Naturalist, and was filled with maiden hair ferns, Lady Slipper orchids, sword fern, sea star fern, baby pine branches.

And the bouquet of the week.

If you haven't visited Jane's Small But Charming blog yet, hop on over to see what's left in her garden and maybe you'll get a glimpse of Lucy and Gus.