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Bow Street Flowers is a floral designer located in Boston Massachusetts. Specializing in seasonal arrangements, wedding and event floral designs.


Bow Street Flowers located in Somerville Massachusetts. Our Blog features the most up to date news in our shop. We specialize in seasonal arrangements, wedding and corporate event floral design.

Signs of summer

Bow Street Flowers

We turned the AC on yesterday.  The air was a little thick and it was warm.  The shop has no natural cross ventilation, so it's important that we do what we can to stay cool for the flowers, the rabbits and us.

The landlord installed a screen at our request across the transom window.  The AC is in a window on the floor (the floor was dropped for some reason years ago:  the window used to be in the basement). So the bunnies stay cool on the floor and the hot air rises and goes out the transom.

We get about two hours of direct sun in the early morning.  Without our cooling system, everything would cook on a hot day.

 Signs of Summer are here.  Heavy fog this morning and clouds lowering for an afternoon downpour.
It's breezy but humid.  I'm not complaining...yet: just preparing for the inevitable.

Meanwhile we're making pretty flowers.  These are for Jen.

Petals is recovering from his bonding session with Alice yesterday.  She's fairly willing to make friends, but he's cranky.  Everytime she gets near him, he hits her, or bites her face.  She put up with that a couple of times and then she bit him back.  No wounds for either of them, but big chunks of fur were left on the floor.  She's definitely waiting to be groomed by him.  There's always a standoff with their heads touching.  He's waiting to be groomed as well.  This may take a while.

This is Alice giving me the Evil Eye because I latched her hutch for the day.

She's big and bad.