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Bow Street Flowers is a floral designer located in Boston Massachusetts. Specializing in seasonal arrangements, wedding and event floral designs.


Bow Street Flowers located in Somerville Massachusetts. Our Blog features the most up to date news in our shop. We specialize in seasonal arrangements, wedding and corporate event floral design.

Flowers in the House

Bow Street Flowers

Jane's hosting a New Year's Eve Eve flower party at her house where it's also Mr. Baby's birthday.

If  you pay her a visit, you'll see some very sophisticated and beautifully designed arrangements.  And Mr. Baby's adorable toes.

My house flowers are of the slash and burn variety.  We had too many paperwhites left over this year and since we're closed for two weeks, I mowed them down and brought them home and dropped them into a pair of Japanese vases.  Here is my mantle AGAIN where the northern light of the living room gives me and the Canon no grief.

Just below the mantle, on a too large coffee table,  is a horror of papers, books, old junk mail, pens, glasses,  an empty Motrin bottle, a nail file, a felting project and a shallow box of bills.  I wish my whole living room looked as well thought out as my mantle.

 This could/should be the subject of my resolution for 2013, but I think I'll choose trying to be more sociable OUTSIDE of Bow Street Flowers where I'm never shy, and making more donkey connections, which could involve being more social.

Happy New Year to all of you.  May you always have flowers in your house.