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Bow Street Flowers is a floral designer located in Boston Massachusetts. Specializing in seasonal arrangements, wedding and event floral designs.


Bow Street Flowers located in Somerville Massachusetts. Our Blog features the most up to date news in our shop. We specialize in seasonal arrangements, wedding and corporate event floral design.


Bow Street Flowers

I baked a pumpkin pie yesterday without condensed milk.  I don't know why I found the idea of condensed milk to be wrong, but I found recipes for a heavy cream  replacement.

The pie is very rich and kind of fluffy.  It's really good, but I think I might prefer the condensed milk version for it's denseness.  I am a 'savory' type as opposed to 'sweet', and that is why I love pumpkin pie.  I'm looking forward to the cold version tonight and I might make a second pie on Sunday....with condensed milk.

We had peonies and Darcy Garden Roses left from Thanksgiving.  We were closed, but I had an anniversary arrangement to deliver that came in yesterday and a small wedding for tomorrow, so I worked alone happily and listened to NPR.

I treasure my Madderlake books.  I'd always had a vision of how flower arrangements should be and these guys described what I hadn't been able to articulate.  Sadly, they closed before I had a chance to visit their shop in NYC.

We're open on Sundays in December.  This weekend will be my last one off;  to the movies I think: Life of Pi or Lincoln?

There's going to be a shift at Bow Street Flowers starting in January.  The details are being worked out.