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Donkey day

Bow Street Flowers

Bow Street is closed on Mondays beginning yesterday.  I celebrated my new day off with a trip to Save Your Ass Mule and Donkey Rescue.  During my previous trips to find donkeys, there were usually one or three, but never any kind of herd.

The mother lode of donkeys in New England is at Ann's farm in New Hampshire where she takes in the abused, disenfranchized, unwanted and slaughterhouse-bound donkey and mule souls and really does find them homes. I want to move in. Joe wanted to move in.

There's a Billy Goat too.  And two German Shepherds.  This was the rescue pen.

This is Earl Grey.  He is a Mammoth donkey, and he's a big boy.  According to Ann, Mammoths take a few years to flesh out even when healthy, but Earl was neglected and came to her all skin and bones. Someone rescued him from a Slaughterhouse Auction and brought him to Ann.  The good news is that he was adopted the day before we arrived!

Earl's nose.

A beautiful Mule.  Joe tried hard to make friends but only got this close to him.  Abused and neglected Mules and Donkeys need time to develop trust, but they almost always manage it with love and care.

Ann and Joe with part of her herd.  She loves all animals, but I think she's extra  fond of mules.
 What's up with Joe and the donkeys? Once again they flock to him.  Guess who's taking pictures by herself!!!

I did, however make a friend who was particularly itchy.  Any port in a storm, I guess.  This guy was a nibbler too.

Ann is remarkable.  She works full time at the Rescue caring for the homeless and her own herd, looking for funds so she can welcome as many Mules and Donkeys that her pasture will hold, answering emails, reaching out to other Rescues for funding advice (and not always getting a warm response) and she lives a spartan life in order to maintain the work she does out of  love and passion for these creatures. I'm in awe.

So, out of Titania's dream and back into the world of flowers.  Except if you love animals, go to Carson's blog where you can participate in a protest against Donkey Roping, a spectator sport in Texas.