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There are no flowers in this post.  Only a jewel: an Opal.

This is Opal.  She lives at Codman Farm in Linclon, MA.  She appears to be a miniature donkey and she's an albino.

My interest in donkeys goes back a few years.  It started with an abandoned toy I spotted at the Antique Market given to me by Gillian and Peicha:

The next year, Gillian adopted a donkey for me from The Donkey Sanctuary.  They have a webcam where I can watch the donkeys in the barn or in the pen.

A few months ago, I followed a link from Slow Lane Life and found Morning Bray Farm.  From there, I found 7msnranch where Linda Carson writes a daily blog about her horse and her three donkeys, named
George, Alan and Lucy.

I'd never met a donkey before.  So, when I found out there was a an albino donkey at Codman Farm in Lincoln, I decided to visit.  After delivering a funeral in Waltham today, I met my friend Marlowe at the Farm.

These are the photos of  Opal and the animals at the farm.  I'm a little concerned that Opal has no Equine friends.  She did a little dance with a lamb, but the grown sheep push her out of the way, so she doesn't really have a companion.

Tomorrow, it's back to flowers with Janes'  Flowers in the House.  Next Sunday, Joe and I are going to Dartmouth Ma to visit with more donkeys.  Opal's nose is very soft. She likes scratches between her hear and cheek bone.  She seemed unimpressed with butt scratches, which I understand are welcomed by many donkeys.  She also seems to need brushing.  But what do I know?   yet.