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Bow Street Flowers is a floral designer located in Boston Massachusetts. Specializing in seasonal arrangements, wedding and event floral designs.


Bow Street Flowers located in Somerville Massachusetts. Our Blog features the most up to date news in our shop. We specialize in seasonal arrangements, wedding and corporate event floral design.

The end of the Summer Brides

Bow Street Flowers

August ended upbeat and fun.  We delivered flowers to the Multicultural Arts Center.  It was a small wedding, but the colors were perfect for the space.  These are the Brides' bouquets.

Their centerpieces.

Family style seating which I love.

A hint of the painted iron work.  There's a catwalk around the whole second floor of this railing.

Then there's the absolute sweetest story:  a customer has a friend who was married forty years ago by the Justice of the Peace.  No wedding gown, no bouquet, no reception:  just the two of them which seems to have worked out just fine.

This customer and several of their mutual friends have gathered together to put on a surprise wedding for the couple's anniversary.  We got to make the bouquet.  Our customer brought in a locket with a tiny photo of them when they were married:

And we tied it on with her vintage ribbon.

Lavenders, pinks and white  was the request.   This pretty much made my week.

Vacation is revised.  Think we'll stay home tomorrow and then Monday?  Not sure.  Keeping my fingers crossed that our trees remain standing!

Back on Wednesday, with storm and vacation stories.